The Cheeky Cauldron was founded by The Moon Sisters in 2021, and the grand opening was July 31, a date notoriously known for being Harry Potter’s birthday. Willow and Raven Moon share one mind when it comes to The Cheeky Cauldron, so every last detail that you’ll notice when you visit was intentionally and carefully crafted by the duo. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering everything for years to come!

The Moon Sisters opened The Cheeky Cauldron to honor those who have felt like outcasts, who are different, and who want to feel like they belong. We are home to any and all, and if help is ever needed, all one must do is ask.

Willow and Raven Moon are also The Cheeky Cauldron’s Seers, doing Tarot and Oracle readings for those who seek them.

Business Hours

1640 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367


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