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To understand my journey going forward you need to know where I’ve been, check out the blog title Raven Moon.

This last February (of 2021), I decided to join millions of others and give the keto diet a try. I’ve seen it be successful and I’ve seen it fail but I knew it was time for a change.

I’m 4 months in and feeling fantastic, I’ve lost more weight initially than I thought possible. My energy levels have increased and my aches and pains have decreased. I meal prep a LOT for both very clean meals and I plan for snack attack cravings (that are still within keto) so that when that craving hits, I’ve set myself up to succeed.

The idea of eating meat covered in more meat or drenched heavily in cheese makes me want to gag, that is not the type of keto items you will see me eating. My goal is to find items that are close to the real thing, faking myself out most of the time but guilt free adds to the flavor!

Ketosis means something different for everyone and it seems there are many ways to follow the diet and decide which rules apply. I personally avoid all carbs when possible. When using packaged items always read the carb content. I don’t count fiber carbs towards my daily total but I do count everything else. Some debate whether to count sugar alcohol carbs, for that reason I will include all carb information in everything I cook. All carb counts are always approximate in my cooking; I am responsible for my keto journey alone, though I am happy to share, follow at your own risk.

Stay tuned for the next update on my keto journey, coming soon! 

Keto tip: Find a carb free (or low carb) sweetener that you like and then buy it in bulk. It’s typically a little more expensive and it gives you a reason to push forward and use it in place of sugar. My personal favorite is Munk Fruit sweetener, it’s natural and tastes just as good as sugar with ZERO CARBS!!!!

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